How to Craft an Elevator Pitch that Sells

Every marketing asset you create, from your investor pitch to your website, needs to include words that sell. To be effective, these words should all originate from a central node—we call it the One-Liner. This short exercise will help you build your One-Liner so you can effectively pitch your company to anyone in seconds.

How to Craft an Elevator Pitch that Sells

Saying the right words in the right order can unlock the door to your customer’s brain. This guide will help you: 

  • Ideate your customers’ biggest pain point
  • Craft your solution to their pain and the positive results that follow
  • Put it all together in a clear, concise One-Liner that can be easily used as your Elevator Pitch

We know how frustrating it can be to develop simple, clear core messaging.

Having a great product determines whether users come back. Creating beautiful design determines whether your audience will pay attention.

But ultimately, it’s words that sell things—which is where a lot of founders get stuck. 

The difference between the right words and the “not totally wrong words” are the difference between fast traction and years of struggle.

Crafting the right words in the right order allows your messaging to “click” instantly with your audience.. This isn’t magic—you can uncover those right words with the right tools and process.

This guide will tell you exactly how to create a clear, succinct One-Liner using our easy, 3-step process. The One-Liner is key to pitching your business effectively and quickly. By using the right words, you can craft a One-Liner that resonates deeply with your audience and communicates the value of your business.


This vital exercise  is the foundation for developing your messaging across all your sales+marketing assets. And what’s more—it’s completely free!

Messaging Fundamentals

Frequently Asked Questions

What topics are covered in this Guide?

This Guide will tell you:

  • Why it is so essential to get the words right first in your messaging
  • How to write an Elevator Pitch that immediately “clicks” with your audience
  • Tips from the Pros on how to fine-tune your pitch in a way that resonates with your customers

How practical is this guide? Is there an exercise that can help me right now?

We’re glad you asked. Yes, there is! This Guide is packed with specific tips and a short, 3-step exercise that you can do to clearly and efficiently communicate the value of your business. You'll still have to do the writing of course, but we will show you exactly how to do it. There are even prompts for you to follow to make it easy!

Are there other Guides like this that I can check out?

There is a a whole section of our site full of Free Resources like this one. And we add to it at least twice a month! Be sure to signup at the bottom of this page if you want us to send you new ones when they get released.

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