Find Message-Market-Fit Quickly

Brand Positioning & Customer-Centric Messaging for Startups

Products don't sell themselves. You need a clear message and thoughtful strategy when you go to market.

  • Sink precious time & money seeking the attention we deserve
  • Watch less-deserving competitors get all the love
  • Wonder if I've been wasting my time
  • Window of opportunity closes before we taste true success

We help you win with strong positioning and customer-centric messaging.

Explain your value clearly
Differentiate from competitors
Get inside the mind of your customer
Pitch with confidence
Tell a memorable story
Find message-market-fit
Clarity wins
Complexity loses
Clarity wins
Complexity loses
Clarity wins
Complexity loses
Clarity wins
Complexity loses
Clarity beats clever
Clarity beats clever

Our Framework

We help you find message-market-fit through a framework built on design thinking and customer research.


We go the source to learn how your customers talk and think, and what outcomes they're seeking.


Clarify your brand strategy to create a 1:1 position in the market that you can defend and build on.


Translate your positioning into a focused message that "clicks" immediately for customers and investors.

3.5M raised and our conversions are up by 40%

"Carter gave our Web3 startup a North Star and helped refine our G2M strategy. His ability to capture what makes a company the 'only' is very unique and rare in this field."

Greg Spillane
Co-Founder and CEO @ RFYN Technologies

They know their stuff.

"Carter has helped our company go-to-market with clarity and confidence. I love working with this guy. There's no one better when it comes to product messaging."

Dillon George
Founder @ ShoeTizer

"What an amazing process."

I've dealt with a number of creative consultants and they can't hold a candle to Agile Brand Lab, as far as I'm concerned.

Daniel Horton-Diaz
Attorney & Candidate for Florida Legislature

"Most thorough and professional consultants I've ever worked with."

This process has completely revolutionized the way our company presents itself to the public. Working with Agile Brand Lab was a great decision.

Michael Haberman
CEO at Engineered Silicone Products

"They are true artists."

It is rare for consultants to take such genuine interest while exploring your goals, passion, and intent. A very good investment for any entrepreneur or creative.

Michael Thomas
Founder at MWT Photography

"This process has been a game changer."

Working with Agile Brand Lab completely transformed our new non-profit. We exceeded our growth goals for Year 1 and I'm so proud to send people to our website.

Lynn Swanson
Founder of the Cream City Youth Chorale

“I could not have done this without ABL.”

This launch has been so successful because we were extremely thoughtful all the way through this website process. Thank you to Agile Brand Lab for making this challenge so much simpler.

Francisco Gonzalez
Founder at Fearless Journeys

"They will elevate your company."

I had a big idea but was unsure how to take it from conception to launch. Agile Brand Lab made the process easy and helped us start with confidence.

Wes Perry
Founder & CEO at Gravitate Outdoors

"It's never too early."

Going in, I thought it might be too early to invest in brand development—after all, we hadn't even incorporated and barely had a business plan. I was so wrong. It's never too early for clarity.

Claudia Murray
Co-Founder at The Runaways

Free Resource for Download

3 Things Your Website's Messaging Should Include

How much is unclear messaging costing you? How many potential customers can't hear your offer in the sea of noise? This free guide gives you 3 actionable ways to get buy-in from your website visitors faster.

We know that your venture will make the world a smarter, better place. But first, you need to reach critical mass as soon as possible.

In order to do that, you need to start getting customers and investors to buy into your vision.

But here’s the rub: we live in the most information-rich, time-poor society that has ever existed.

People have so many demands on their time that they have to make most decisions in just a few seconds.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to struggle to get your audience’s attention if you have a great product.

We know how frustrating it can be to translate your value prop into a simple, focused message that “clicks” for people instantly.

That’s why we developed The Charismatism Framework—a smart, reliable framework that turns new ventures into charismatic brands with immersive websites that make people say “YES!”

Here’s how it works:

  1. Call - meet with our team so we can learn about your goals for your new venture
  2. Clarity - through a series of coaching sessions and workshops, we clarify your brand into a precise message that will get buy-in from customers & investors
  3. Charisma - we scale your message into an immersive, charismatic website that helps you grow quickly and easily

We’re so confident in this process that we offer an outrageous guarantee that is unrivaled in our industry. If you are not absolutely satisfied with the return on your investment, we insist that you tell us immediately so we can give you 100% of your money back, along with an additional $1,500 fee for your inconvenience.

Schedule a call with us right now to stop struggling and start scaling your venture into a thriving, world-changing business.

"What's the Investment?"


Foundations Package


Transform your venture into a charismatic brand with succinct, effective messaging.

Live brand messaging workshop with our experts
Core messaging that "clicks" instantly for your audience
Website + marketing copy
Messaging Manual
Positioning + Differentiation Strategy
Color palette + typography
In-depth customer profiles + user journeys
Traction Tactics
Turnaround within 30 days
Messaging implementation into existing assets

Traction Package

$9,500 +

Turn your brand into an unforgettable single-page website that filled with messaging that gets quick buy-in from your audience. Starts at $9,500.

Core messaging that "clicks" instantly for your audience
Agile prototyping
Immersive, high-converting website filled with delightful micro-animations
Perfectly responsive on all devices
Optimized for Search Engines
Analytics set-up
Messaging Manual with core messaging + stylescape
Avg. 6 week turnaround

Scale Package

$14,500 +

Turn your venture into an admired brand with a world-class website that puts you levels above the competition in your space. Scale your business, automate your processes, and prepare your company for an eventual exit/sale.

Core messaging that "clicks" instantly
World-class website that outshines all competitors
Custom brand animations
Workflow automations to help you scale
Web app development and 3rd-party app integrations
Perfectly responsive on all devices
Agile prototyping
SEO + Analytics set-up
Logo + Full Identity System
Comprehensive Messaging Manual

All purchases are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee, with additional $1,500 inconvenience fee paid to you.

our guarantee

100% Refund  +  $1,500

We know our websites rock, so we offer a guarantee that is unrivaled in this industry.

If you are not absolutely thrilled about your new website, we will refund your entire investment and give you an additional $1,500.


What is the typical timeline for a project?

Typically we wrap up a project within 30 days of kickoff. If we want to do customer research beforehand, or rewrite some of your marketing assets afterward, then it may stretch to 60 days.

What's the pricing look like?

Projects are usually come in under $10,000. The specific number may vary a bit depending on your project. If we do customer research beforehand, or you want us to rewrite your website, or you want to build a pitch deck, then that will affect the budget required.

Do you have any references I can check out?

We have plenty of references from current and past clients who love to recommend us. Click here to see what some of our clients have to say.

You can also see some examples of Brand Messaging Playbooks that we've created for our clients in this Google Drive folder.

How do I get started?

Schedule a call with our team so we can figure out what your perfect website would do. If all sides agree that it’s a great fit, we will send you an Engagement Overview and Invoice same-day.

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