How to Speak to Your Ideal Customer's Needs

If someone asks you: “Who is your target customer?” the answer is never “Everyone.” In order to get the traction you need, it all comes down to speaking to your ideal customer’s key motivations—which is where a lot of founders get stuck. This short exercise will help you get into the mind of your ideal customer and directly communicate your message to meet their needs.

How to Speak to Your Ideal Customer's Needs

The key to early success with any new venture is to do one specific thing for one specific person, and do it exceptionally well. This guide will help you: 

  • Narrow your audience down to one, ideal customer
  • Ideate their Story, Motivations, and your Solutions to their Needs
  • Communicate your message in a way that deeply resonates with them

We know how challenging it can be to get into the mind of your audience.

Too often, we founders tend to think of all the people that could be interested in our product, rather than focusing narrowly on a specific person who absolutely needs our product. 

It’s a mistake made out of fear—fear of turning people away and missing out on opportunities. But in reality, this mistake will cause you to be mildly interesting to many, but fascinating to no one.

This guide will tell you exactly how to find your ideal customer, and will help you efficiently communicate your message to meet their specific needs. By using the right words, you can craft your message into a cohesive, unforgettable story that will resonate deeply with your audience.

This vital piece of messaging is the foundation for developing your messaging across all your sales+marketing assets. And what’s more—it’s completely free!

Messaging Fundamentals

Frequently Asked Questions

What topics are covered in this Guide?

This Guide will tell you:

  • Why focusing on one specific customer is vital in today’s market 
  • How to temporarily become your customer by creating an avatar
  • Tips from the Pros on the importance of niching down your audience

How practical is this guide? Is there an exercise that can help me right now?

We’re glad you asked. Yes, there is! This Guide is packed with specific tips and a short exercise that you can do to clearly and efficiently speak to your ideal customer’s key motivations. You'll still have to do the writing of course, but we will show you exactly how to do it. There are even prompts for you to follow to make it easy!

Are there other Guides like this that I can check out?

There is a a whole section of our site full of Free Resources like this one. And we add to it at least twice a month! Be sure to signup at the bottom of this page if you want us to send you new ones when they get released.

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